A Gay Sex Manual for 11-Year-Olds

littl-black-book“The Little Black Book, Queer in the 21st Century” [101] was a textbook / information guide / promotional marketing tool … I’m not sure what to call it. It was provided to middle and high school children in Massachusetts (USA). That means 11 year old and up. The book can be viewed here and offers a glimpse of what LGBTQ [*1] educators and reformers can accomplish once the law becomes their servant.

There is no reason to believe it will be different here – except of course for hollow promises offered by untrustworthy people.

Places like Massachusetts have led the world from behind; they have shown in brutal starkness what the sexual diversity agenda is really about. By saying they lead from ‘behind’, I am not taking a jab at sodomy. They lead from behind because their goals and actions are backward, regressive and abusive. What else can you say when 11-year-olds (and older) receive a government sponsored pornographic gay-sex manual (with a guide to the local gay club scene)? This is what happened in Massachusetts.

The Little Black Book

Some questions: What do you think? Should high school students be given:

  1. A pornographic homosexual-sex manual?
  2. A guide that explains safe performance of or– sex, mast—-tion with other boys, urination on each other for pleasure and pictures of semi-er-ct pen-s-s?
  3. Should they be given a guide that informs them (or provides links to) local gay bars?

If you answered yes, I suspect you suffer from moral anesthesia (or something worse).

A Little Perspective to be Fair

Now, this was not a satanic guide to child sacrifice, a child porn recruitment tool or a guide to building your own bomb. It was also not problematic from front to back. There is also a dispute about just how many books were issued, and though it was a school-sanctioned event, if you imagine a teacher walking down the aisles handing these out like textbooks, that would be wildly inaccurate.

It would of course be powerfully emotive and helpful in convincing you – but that’s the sort of deception the other side employs. I won’t sink to that.

So with proper context and perspective established, let’s not waste the warnings.

  1. This book in question was made available at a school-sanctioned event.
  2. Students as young as 11 years of age were present.
  3. The event was conducted and supervised by a sexual diversity organization.
  4. This group was entrusted with access to young people on the school grounds.

That’s some facts about where it was provided, who to and who by. But what about the book itself:

  1. It was pornographic in places,
  2. It did provide far too much information for young minds,
  3. It minimized and normalized the presence and proliferation of sexually transmitted diseases,
  4. It gave disturbingly inaccurate information about condoms as a safeguard to sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs and STIs) [117],
  5. It NORMALISED a range of homosexual acts to young minds, things that make sodomy seem relatively tame (which are not mentioned here for fear of introducing them to your mind).
  6. It provided 11-year-old minors with both the location and write up on 17 of Boston’s gay bars (and hook-up venues). This was provided to them up to 10 years before they could legally enter these clubs (USA legal age is 21).

When Cultural Engineers (accidentally) Warn, Will You Listen?

Such events alert us to the intentions of the power-brokers as well as the power they yield. When such a manual can be written, supported by taxpayer funds and then provided at a local school, you can begin to realize the power that comes with enshrining in law homosexual ‘marriage’. The follow-on laws that follow it are empowered by it.

Make no mistake. This is only one of many incidents, but it points to a larger problem and opens a massive window on the larger agenda that follows same-sex ‘marriage’. This and other in-school initiatives represent a brazen and unapologetic exploitation and indoctrination of children and youth. The “Little Black Book, Queer in the 21st Century” is part of a larger problem.

A Massachusetts doctor made the following comment in a letter sent in complaint and alarm:

It is alarming, disheartening, and medically unethical that this information be distributed to anyone. That it is distributed at taxpayer expense to vulnerable and confused youth should awaken every citizen and legislator to immediately de-fund this organization, and the Attorney-General to pursue prosecution for endangering minors on a grand scale.

John R. Diggs, Jr., MD (South Hadley, Massachusetts) May 15, 2005

Anyone who says these notions and ideologies are ‘progressive’ needs their head examined. And they certainly should not be entrusted with the mental health or sexual education of minors. This was an action of child sexual abuse. There is no reason to believe similar events won’t happen here.


  1. The LGBTQ acronym also continues to, allegedly based on its marketing effectiveness, as well as the number of identifies atypical sexuality identities the movement can adopt for strategic advantage. The Q for Queer also struck me as a somewhat derogatory addition. I understand why it is rarely seen nowadays.



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