I Think I Might Be Gay

In nations that have already surrendered to homosexual marriage [*1], questions about sexuality receive some disturbing answers. In addition, their laws and programs now normalise homosexuality and further sexual diversities. That will be an inevitable and legal certainty for us also. As U.S. Federal Judges have expressed, once homosexual marriage is introduced, it becomes a moral duty of the state to enforce homosexual normalisation [135] [*2]. This is why the activists want it so badly! [601,602].

Lots of kids question their sexuality. But what happens when young people don’t feel safe to ask the questions? What happens when the answers are one-sided, untruthful or simply withheld? It isn’t pretty!

Formative Years

Young people are usually low on relationship skills, sexually saturated and self-absorbed. That’s typical, normal and a journey everyone needs to navigate. They wonder about what attracts them, their self-identity and what stirs them to action. Put these three issues together and you have what people loosely call ‘sexuality’. [401]

Many people search for wisdom to guide them, a hope to cling to and the deep unshakable awareness that they are loved. But if a sexually questioning youth asks for counsel now, they are usually given:

  • This as wisdom: “Go for it. Your feelings are your best guide” (would we say that for any other issue?)
  • This for hope: “Wear a condom”, (A very unreliable defense where sodomy is concerned [112]),
  • And this as love: “Here’s some organizations who’ll tell you what you want to hear and welcome you into the confusion”.

They are NOT told about the transience and destructive relationship dynamics, domestic violence, disease, early death rates, suicide and more that are common within the LGBTQ scene [211,301,304]. Nor are they told that change is possible [206,207,208]. So, as they hear an alluring tune, they follow the Pied Piper. They are young and in formative years; of course they will choose the easiest road. Don’t we wrestle with the same tendency even as adults?

When homosexuality is further normalized, expect this scenario to be much, much worse!

What do Kids Really Need?

As stated earlier, they (like all of us) need wisdom to guide them, a hope to cling to and the deep unshakable awareness that they are loved. Young people need to find identity, knowledge, safety and love.

Wisdom should say, “You are changing, growing and in process, so be careful with experimentation and be patient with yourself.

Wisdom should say, “Don’t stamp yourself with a sexual identity. Your thoughts and actions impact your brain development. And your emotional needs can express themselves in erotic ways. Slow down, think before acting on impulse and always know, you are not trapped in anything. The truth is, if you don’t want this attraction defining your life and identity, then walk a path different from mainstream LGBT + consciousness. It’s a fight – every young person must choose to engage in moral and ethical battles, and it’s tough for everyone. The fight is easier though when fought, with help, with wisdom, with love and while young.

Hope should provide an environment and people that are safe. If we were honest with ourselves and others, we’d quickly realize we’d realize we need a world where all manner of imperfect, even smashed people, are not rejected. Dysfunction and vulnerability are the norm. Our kids need adults who model this. In this a measure of hope can be found.

In an environment of hope they can be honest, receive wise (and inevitably varied) counsel on options, and weigh probable outcomes. Free from shame or verbal inhibition, they can grow, even make mistakes and continue to be safe!

Love should provide non-sexual intimacy and support. When people who really love them meet their emotional and intellectual needs, they are able to weigh issues with clarity (this is not the type love espoused by, or encourage within the LGBTQ culture).

But Here’s The Awkward Part

The needs of young people are being denied now, and they will be even increasingly denied once sexuality activists secure the legal mallet of ‘marriage’ .

A safe nation has to exercise tolerance in the face of sexual diversity. It has (perhaps) always been with us. Sweeping it into the shadows has never worked – because what we are sweeping aside is people!! When swept into the shadows, the seeds of desire flourish in the manure of shame and artificial lighting of the company of others who are like-minded.

However, on the other hand, the ‘tolerance’ we need is not the politicized version that says, “Accept everything. Everything is equal. Everything is OK”. No, that’s a lie and a destructive construct. Everything is not good, everything is not equal. When we refuse to make a value judgement, we are not being tolerant but irresponsible. We are also being morally and intellectually impotent. It is cowardice. It is foolishness. And when exercised by leaders, it is a gross negligence of office.

Can we create a nation where sexual development is protected by true tolerance? Can our young people have an environment that accommodates the diversity of a secular society, without surrendering, affirming, indulging or endorsing it?

Our children are now growing in a nation that suppresses sexual truths while worshipping and sponsoring the doctrines of a small sexually diverse elite. I did not find what I needed when I was a young sexually confused man. I work now to see this nation a safer place for ALL young people. The LGBTQ movement wants a homosexual paradise; a world where they define and enforce the standards at the expense of everyone else.

Historians and social observers will look back on these days as pivotal in shaping the world they inherit. What we do, or do not do, in the next few months will determine how they judge us.

James: The Story on Video

“James” part 1 and 2 is gay themed short film. The bottom two iFrames below used to show excerpts from it. This film won numerous awards within its circles and was published on YouTube by Queerflix. After more than 349,917 views, it is now withdrawn. Perhaps, it really was as clear cut as a copyright withdrawal, yet I wonder also could it have been because the truth and complexity it portrayed really was not something they wanted seen outside of gay viewing circles. I am not motivated by hate; all I seek is an openness and truth that does not drive these kids in only one direction. We will see how long this one remains.

Above is the official trailer. Sadly, the trailer rips the heart out of the issues. Before, you could see the kids hurt, influencing factors and personal journey so much more clearly. Now it is far less informed. Nevertheless, I hope it helps. Unlike these videos usually portray, it is about much, much more than love. It’s time we were honest about it!

“James” (Pt 1 and 2) tells the story of a questioning teenager. You could cut the first 4:20 if necessary, but it’s worth a full view (17 mins). There are no sex scenes or nudity, but youngster discretion is recommended. (You Tube).

Here’s the latest link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnXvYJwC3vU

If it disappears, search YouTube for “James – by @ConnorClements, award winning #Sundance Short Film”

There are two parts.


By A Sensible Man. 10.1.2012. Last revision on 18 March due to video resource being withdrawn (see video commentary at right).



  1. ASM used the phrases ‘gay marriage’, ‘same-sex marriage’ and ‘homosexual marriage’ interchangeably. There was considerable discussion around this at the time, but was decided upon as a means of providing ongoing reminders of what was really happening. State sanctioning and legal clout is sought to affirm a relationship that is very different from marriage. Whatever you personally think of marriage, there is still a fundamental reframing and redefining taking place. If the terms feel confronting, I suspect that was the intention. Don’t forget though, it was a same-sex attracted man using the language.
  2. This article was written before the US Supreme Court ruled in 2015. In response to aggressive transgender legislative pushes from the Obama administration, many states had legislated, or were in the process of legislating, to protect traditional marriage. In this enormously contentious split 5-4 decision, they ruled that these states were acting beyond the powers granted them by the constitution.


This Project is Closed. The Battle Continues Elsewhere.

Same-sex marriage damages familiesPS: We’re Scaling Back Efforts Here. The Battle Continues Elsewhere.

Those who want truth look for it; sadly, most do not want it. As somebody who is reading these words, you are certainly in a minority. Congratulations!

After weeks of doing what we can as amateurs and volunteers, the decision has been made to reduce our efforts here, though the fight still continues.

There are other websites doing similar things, and to be honest, probably doing it better. Please check out our Links page to find additional resources.

We are not surrendering. We are redeploying our energies in this very important cultural battle. We hope what is here is of benefit to you, and we encourage and pray that you will continue to seek truth, and to make truth known. If this battle is lost, what has happened elsewhere will certainly happen here.

Prepare yourself and humble yourself before God who models the sacrifical love and commitment to truth our society so tragically lacks. We all are laden with personal weakness, and cumulatively as a society, we also feel the pain. The challenges of the future will be more intense than the challenges of this day.

We’ve worked hard to keep the Lord out of the content of these pages as we live in a world where everything must be tolerated (read ‘endorsed’) except Him.

Truth is, He’s been woven into everything presented here, because love always includes truth – and that is who He is. Whatever the outcome of this SSM battle, as a team, we pray you find him!