Gay Marriage: Strategic, Generational, Dishonest.

For thousands of years, marriage has acted as a quietly spoken but effective referee. For thousands of years it has obstructed, what some see, as the inevitable anarchy-like sexualisation of culture, the deconstruction of the family unit and the destruction of gender roles. Marriage, by it’s nature and definition, has decreed sidelines, rules and standards. It has helped the game of life be played, by allowing all the opportunity to play, the vulnerable a measure of protection and the capable the power to move forward.

Yet the game is not suited to all players, and for many the rules may seem unfair. Even for those who know that healthy marriages hold families and society together, it does not remove the pain of knowing you’ll never get to really play. I know that feeling. Sometimes I’m still there.

Gay Marriage ‘ is strategic.

To the homosexual activist, attaining a form of pseudo-marriage is not about being able to marry. In the light of homosexual culture, marriage is an irrelevant, archaic and even demeaning and moralistic institution. It is an unspoken put-down. It is the cultural standard in a culture that declares homosexuals and homosexuality defective, improper, unnatural, dangerous and without place in a heterosexual world.

Gay marriage however, is a different game. Since homosexuals could never compete in the old one, there’s a desire to change the game. The sidelines need to be removed, the rules re-written and referees appointed who see the game the way we see it.

The game as it was must go, or the game must change so we do not look inept and out of place on the field.

This is why gay marriage is the most strategic hill in a cultural battlefield. If you demean religion, ethics, morals, or logic then you take out a few opponents. Rewrite history and exercise revisionist muscle and you change even more. Bring humanistic, relativist and post-modern thinking to the mix, and playing the game becomes like herding cats; no predictability, no purpose and no governing absolutes. But this chaos still takes place on a field with lines, goal posts and apparent (if not complied with) structure. The game remains just clumsy and ugly – until you revolutionise the game altogether. The homosexual community seek a validation from society of their lifestyle.

Only when gay marriage destroys or redefines traditional marriage, can the radical sexualisation of culture be fully realised. This is how it has been for millennia. This is how it is today. Marriage must be ‘equalised’ or made illegitimate, in order to neuter its power as a defining instrument.

Without gay marriage, homosexuality and every other non-heterosexual desire will remain second-class. Until homosexuals and bisexuals can change the rules, re-draw the field, dictate to the referee our standards, or remove the ref’ altogether, the homosexual movement will remain what it has been through most of history.

In truth however, homosexuality is merely the outworking of the vulnerability and flexibility of the human condition (but more on that elsewhere).

Gay Marriage ‘ is Generational

Some historical cultures embraced gay marriage (or some equivalent) or have cast concepts of monogamy aside – just for a while anyway.Recognising that two of the same gender does not a marriage make, rather than redefine marriage, they had the integrity to simply throw away the post, the line marking tools and rule books. Gay marriage equality was not the goal for them, but rather an honest and open pursuit of unlimited sexual and relational freedom. Living out freedom and fetish, without the old sexual, moral and relational standards was at least an honestly stated goal. There was some integrity in that.

Yet, like school-yard sport, gay marriage is a game but not a real game.When there are no rules, people get hurt and the game loses meaning and joy. The buzz of being without rules is soon countered by someone being able to ‘cheat’ or hurt you. Without rule or referee, the bully reigns, the game is destroyed, forward becomes backward and eventually you wonder are there any directions or purpose at all.

This is, I suspect, why history has never embraced gay marriage (or equivalents) in a lasting way.After each successive experiment it seems we have awoken like people staggering in the early morning light. Hungover from the party the night before, we step over bodies, reach through hazy memories of what happened and ask, “Where did I leave my underwear?”, “Why is my wallet empty?” and as we survey the carnage around us say, “Thank God I don’t have to clean this place up!”

Walking home we ponder the wisdom and possible consequences of the night before. As a society we do this too. Eventually, we grow up and realise that life will not work without rules and standards. We bring back the rules and the ref’, until our children, or their children, come up with the ‘new and revolutionary idea’ of living without rules … and we cycle through it all again.

Gay marriage however won’t just play a few games, it will establish control of the ref’ and the game itself for generations to come.

Gay Marriage ‘ is Dishonest

The tactic of gay marriage activists is smart and devious. The goal of gay marriage is no longer to remove the referee. People would not stand for that: life is already hard enough, scary enough and unstable enough! No, the gay marriage campaign seeks to own the ref’ by controlling our legal mechanisms. Securing the right to control the referee (and homosexual marriage grants that right) homosexual activists then dictate how the game is to be played. Homosexual activists draw the sidelines (if any are to be drawn at all) and they write the rulebook. A goal was worth points six points and a behind was worth one; well now they are both six points. Heck, just kick the ball over the sideline and we’ll give you six. Aiming becomes irrelevant, but that’s how we like it. Everything equal, everything the same and then quicker than you know it, everything will be different!

Everything is open to change once society’s key defining institution has been changed.This is the radicalised culture that is achieved through so-called gay marriage. As federal court judges in America have shown, wherever homosexual marriage is legalised, it becomes a legally enforceable obligation of schools, media, government and all of society to normalise both homosexuality and sexual diversity in general. It becomes a moral obligation to hand homosexual activists the rulebook and allow them to make changes, then bringing the full force of law to bear to ensure those changes happen.

THIS is why gay marriage is sought by activists; it is why many (non-activist) homosexuals have no interest in marriage and just want to be left to live their lives in peace. Those who want privacy should have it. Those who wish to reframe our culture must be opposed! As a former homosexual and now bisexual man, I dearly wish there was a better way, but the simple truth is that everybody cannot have what they want. That my friend, is the nature of the game. This gay marriage strategy is, my friends, strategic, generational and dishonest.


This Project is Closed. The Battle Continues Elsewhere.

Same-sex marriage damages familiesPS: We’re Scaling Back Efforts Here. The Battle Continues Elsewhere.

Those who want truth look for it; sadly, most do not want it. As somebody who is reading these words, you are certainly in a minority. Congratulations!

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Prepare yourself and humble yourself before God who models the sacrifical love and commitment to truth our society so tragically lacks. We all are laden with personal weakness, and cumulatively as a society, we also feel the pain. The challenges of the future will be more intense than the challenges of this day.

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