Protecting Child Sexual Development

“Born this way” made sense when I was young, I certainly didn’t choose to be gay. But now we know better. There are still unanswered questions, but to speak of being “Born This Way” is to deliberately deceive, speak with ignorance or or retreat into a place of convenience and cowardice. After all, whatever we can blame on jeans can be given licence. True?

I want today’s kids, parents, carers, political leaders (etc) to know what the gay lobby is working overtime to suppress. The life I had did not have to happen.

Here’s the mission: Protect child sexual development and seek out others who will do the same.

Puberty Again?!? 

Doing puberty twice is not fun, but that’s sort of how my journey has gone. As I became more aware of research in sexual development and neurology (despite gay-activists having great success in obstructing it) I chose to live differently.

For the record, I now call myself “Gay-Grown Bi” because over about a decade of meeting non-sexual needs in non-sexual ways I grew desirous of woman, physically and relationally.

LGBT activists (and others who benefit from their agenda) love to talk about diversity and freedoms, but they sure work hard to deny choices to young people. My ‘A Sensible Man” tag exists because both gay friends as well as ‘straights’ who are targets of the gay militancy have warned me, that there are plans to “destroy and discredit” me when I’m identified. Therefore I can’t be more visible or personal … not yet anyway.

I look forward to the day when honesty becomes politically correct again!



This Project is Closed. The Battle Continues Elsewhere.

Same-sex marriage damages familiesPS: We’re Scaling Back Efforts Here. The Battle Continues Elsewhere.

Those who want truth look for it; sadly, most do not want it. As somebody who is reading these words, you are certainly in a minority. Congratulations!

After weeks of doing what we can as amateurs and volunteers, the decision has been made to reduce our efforts here, though the fight still continues.

There are other websites doing similar things, and to be honest, probably doing it better. Please check out our Links page to find additional resources.

We are not surrendering. We are redeploying our energies in this very important cultural battle. We hope what is here is of benefit to you, and we encourage and pray that you will continue to seek truth, and to make truth known. If this battle is lost, what has happened elsewhere will certainly happen here.

Prepare yourself and humble yourself before God who models the sacrifical love and commitment to truth our society so tragically lacks. We all are laden with personal weakness, and cumulatively as a society, we also feel the pain. The challenges of the future will be more intense than the challenges of this day.

We’ve worked hard to keep the Lord out of the content of these pages as we live in a world where everything must be tolerated (read ‘endorsed’) except Him.

Truth is, He’s been woven into everything presented here, because love always includes truth – and that is who He is. Whatever the outcome of this SSM battle, as a team, we pray you find him!